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Dear Readers,
Welcome to my editorial column!
The purpose of this column is to provide perspective on the issues that the biopharma industry we represent is addressing in collaboration with partners here in Geneva and around the world. These include the innovation ecosystem, vaccines, pandemic preparedness, antimicrobial resistance, access to medicines and many others. Over the years, I’ve written for a number of publications including a weekly column in the Basler Zeitung, a leading Swiss newspaper from my home town. Today, I am also a contributor to publications such as the New York Times, Project Syndicate, the Financial Times, the Diplomatic Courrier and Health Policy Watch. I have also been on a number of podcasts, reflecting my desire to understand the other side. I hope you enjoy my thoughts, which reflect my commitment to continue bringing you expertise and reflections on key issues and policies that relate to my work with IFPMA. I’m a regular commentator on COVID-19 issues. I know that in this fast-changing world, divergent opinions matter and I would like to engage you in these conversations and hear your thoughts as well. Please add your comments below or follow me on Twitter: @ThomasCueni or on LinkedIn.
So let’s get talking!

So let’s go digital and enjoy the journey!



Thomas B. Cueni

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