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Decision-Making Framework

Our Five-Phase Decision-Making Framework, grounded in the IFPMA Ethos or value system, aims to help companies make ethical business decisions. Our common goal is to meet patient needs and the expectations of the medical community, regulators, and society.

Decision-making that integrates business and ethics into day-to-day business activities bolsters patient and public trust, which is essential for innovation and critical interactions with patients, HCPs, HCOs, third parties, peer companies, the industry, and society.


The Decision-Making Framework is a tool that helps identify potential ethical issues, impacted stakeholders, and solutions that effectively balance objectives and ethical considerations. The DMF is particularly valuable for innovative business models that are tackling new issues and new ways of working that sometimes require navigating complex decisions or ethically grey areas.

The DMF provides a Five-Phase approach to seamlessly integrate business objectives and ethical considerations into day-to-day business decisions. The Framework is designed to:

  • Enable effective decision-making
  • Enhance and support proactive risk management
  • Integrate business objectives and ethical, legal, and compliance obligations into the decision-making process
  • Encourage ongoing business engagement and accountability
  • Foster a culture of integrity.

This Toolkit has four parts:

  • The Decision-Making Framework: a principles-based, 5-step decision-making approach
  • A comprehensive background guide to the Decision-Making Framework
  • A customizable presentation deck
  • An accompanying guide to support business leaders

These materials build on one another to support ethical decision making — especially for complex, ambiguous or novel circumstances – enhancing proactive risk management, business engagement and accountability, and fostering a culture of integrity.

Thank you for using these materials to put the Ethos into action!



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