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Climate change

Climate change

Global public health is inextricably linked to the health of the planet. Climate change, air pollution, and other environmental challenges have a demonstrable impact on public health around the world.

The innovative pharmaceutical sector is actively engaging on climate issues. Our member companies have taken significant actions to address climate change.  Eighty percent of the largest innovative companies have set net-zero or carbon-neutrality targets and many more have committed to ambitious short-term greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts.

These commitments have already yielded results in terms of emissions reductions, energy efficiency savings, and increased shares of renewable electricity.


As part of the global health care system, the innovative biopharmaceutical industry is committed to minimizing our impact on the planet as well as to researching and developing new health products that manage and mitigate health risks from environmental challenges.

Global industry has led the way in tackling COVID-19 and we are fully committed to partnering with governments and health systems across the world to take concerted action to address climate change. We are investing in research and development in greener products, as well as more sustainable production and distribution practices, that enable us to deliver medical innovation to patients in ways that protect and support the environment.

Our companies are already working on initiatives to reduce carbon emissions across our own operations and value chains, invest in renewable electricity and energy efficiency measures, recycle, and cut water use.

Investment in science and research, alongside coordinated global cooperation, will deliver solutions to the biggest challenges of our age including the climate crisis.


IFPMA member companies


of our largest companies have set net-zero or carbon-neutrality targets


of IPFMA member companies have sustainability commitments

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