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Our Ethos


Building a culture of trust

Trust, care, fairness, respect, honesty

R&D-based biopharmaceutical member companies of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) are responsible for the discovery of most new medicines and vaccines, which they go on to develop, promote, sell and distribute in an ethical manner and in accordance with all the rules and regulations for medicines and healthcare. In doing so, they provide the healthcare community with the latest scientific and educational information to improve understanding of treatment options available to patients and support high-quality patient care.

IFPMA has taken a new approach and moved from a Code based on rules to a culture grounded in integrity, values and principles – and, most importantly, patient trust. The Ethos is the foundation that shapes how the R&D based biopharmaceutical industry sustains trust based on the core values of care, fairness, respect and honesty in line with ever-changing society’s expectations. The Ethos serves to instill a culture of ethics and integrity needed to guide our business behaviours and interactions between IFPMA members and the healthcare community.


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The Ethos underpins the rules of the IFPMA Code of Practice and provides a framework to behave with integrity no matter how testing the circumstances.

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