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Regulatory conferences

Regulatory conferences: Getting regulatory requirements in sync

Together with partners, we organize regularly regional regulatory conferences to provide platforms for dialogue and expertise sharing.

These regulatory conferences aim to :

  • help harmonize regional standards-setting (technical/policy requirements),
  • encourage collaboration schemes between stakeholders,
  • promote work sharing/pooling of resources in regulatory oversight activities,
  • improve coordination and understanding among partners, and
  • build trust amid regulatory stakeholders.

Together with partners, we organize regularly regional regulatory conferences to offer a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, reports, and progressive views on key regulatory topics, as well as identifying focus areas for ongoing and future efforts to increase patient access to innovative therapies.

Such events bring together key regional and global stakeholders including representatives from health authorities, governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, academia, and local and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Topics addressed are tailored to each region and could span across registration process optimization, appropriate use of common technical documentation, development of regional and global collaborative schemes, quality management, pharmacovigilance, vaccines, counterfeit medicines, clinical trials, and adaptation of regulatory practices to new technologies.

Participants benefit from a comprehensive set of practical information on regional and global issues in the regulatory environment and have the opportunity to engage in training, workshops, and panel sessions that enable in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing.


IFPMA regulatory conferences build on a long track record of collaboration between regulatory authorities and the global health community to foster greater convergence and harmonization of risk- and science-based regulatory requirements and systems, particularly in Africa and Asia.


number of Regulatory Conferences organized in Africa to date


number of Regulatory Conferences organized in Asia to date


two regulatory conferences held: Chinese Taipei and Dakar, Senegal

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